Why A Dashie Ramp is the Perfect Choice for You.

We understand the importance of quality and durability when it comes to our
furry companions. This is why we take pride in all our products and only choose
local materials to ensure the quality and longevity of our ramps. Our ramps
that are built to last. Designed with durability in mind, they can handle the
wear and tear of daily use and even 'Zoomies'.

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Ramps Made Easy: Your Questions Answered!

Are Dashie Dog Ramps just for dachshunds?

While dachshunds are certainly the majority of our customer base we believe all other breeds
that can benefit from having a ramp also. We have made them for all sorts of breeds Big and Small. Feel free to reach out if you are still unsure.

How much weight can a Dashie Dog Ramp hold?

All our standard ramps can easily hold 45kg. If your Pup is bigger our wide version ramps can hold up to 95kg. If your still not sure we can build a custom ramp for you.

How do your products get sent?

We typically choose Australia Post for shipping our smaller Items. But when it comes to larger parcels, we are required to use courier services since they can accommodate their size.

Your standard ramps do not suit my requirements, do you offer custom ramps?

Yes we do make custom ramps e.g. ramps for doggy doors and ramps for very high beds. Please email us at info.dashiedogramps@gmail.com to discuss your custom ramp requirements and we will let you know if this is something we can assist with.

  • Christine

    Love our ramp for our Poochies and they do too! Excellent quality!

  • Sarah

    Well made ramp & fantastic customer service. I will definitely buy another if we have the need for a second ramp.

  • Chelsy & Rambo

    Our dachshund recently lost his eye sight, so we ordered a custom made ramp, which included side rails (for his safety), for our back patio door. Rambo no longer has to navigate the step and loves going up and down the ramp. Order was made very quickly. Thank you so much!

  • Dr Celia & Lily

    It is amazing what a difference a small accomodation can make! For those who did not know, my own dog, Lily, has been recovering from a back injury. She's nearly back to normal, but has not been able to get on the bed by herself. We bought an up-sized "Dachshund ramp" from Dashie Dog Ramps and she took to it like a fish to water! Immediate quality of life improvement!!Our pets will struggle and may suffer injuries and other mobility issues. There are ways to help them, if we but look!

  • Deb & Henry

    Our Dashie Platform Dog Ramp arrived yesterday. Yes it was a wait but very well worth it. Our pup Henry has mastered going up and down all on the first day. Luke and his family have been wonderful to communicate with and the ramp is of excellent quality. Cannot recommend Dashie Dog Ramps enough.

  • Polly & Doug

    Easy ordering, fantastic communication. Ramp delivered without any dramas! Doug loved the treats, and loves his new ramp. It’s so well made and it has given me a little peace of mind knowing he’s not kamikaze-jumping off the lounge now! Thanks, can’t wait to order another one!

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