Why Choose A Dashie Ramp?

Custom Ramps

We know its not "one size fits all" so we can customise most ramps to your liking, for example:

- Ramps with rails (that are removable)

- Strengthened ramps for larger dogs

- Mini ramps to assist with dog doors or steps

Please feel free to contact us if you require a custom ramp and we would be happy to help!

About us

We started this business as we are Dachshund owners ourselves, and after purchasing a ramp online from overseas and discovering that it wasn't very good quality, while searching for a 2nd ramp we realised that there weren't really any good alternatives on the market that were reasonably priced. Since making a ramp here and there for our fellow dashie owner friends from the dog park, our business has taken off and we now ship all over Australia.

We have also discovered that it's not just dachshunds that need the assistance of ramps, and we have now had the pleasure of making ramps for frenchies, bulldogs, blind dogs, dogs with arthritis, and very elderly dogs. 

Small Ramp

Height of 35cm

These all can lay flat for easy storage.

Height of 40cm

We recommend these ramps for small dogs to assist them getting up and down off a couch.

Height of 45cm

Dimensions of the Small ramp:

28cm wide, 95cm Long

Large Ramp

Height of 40cm

Large ramps also lay flat for easy storage.

Height of 45cm

We recommend these Large ramps to anyone who has more than one dog as they are wider  which helps with more traffic. They are also stronger and can hold more weight so are able to be used by bigger dogs. e.g. Bulldog.

Height of 50cm

Dimensions of the Large ramp:

32cm Wide, 100cm Long

Highset Ramp

Height of 55cm

Though slightly different this ramp also can lay flat.

Height of 60cm

The Highset was designed to reach beds while keeping your dogs back in mind as it's made longer so the incline isn't as steep. These can be laid next to or straight up to your bed it really depends on you and your dogs preference. 

Height of 65cm

This is our highest pre-set ramp at 65cm in height and one of the very few available on the market. that's made longer to minimize the incline

Dimensions of the Highset ramp:

32cm Wide, 110cm Long

All our ramps are made using quality timber and marine grade carpet

From the biggest custom to the smallest

3 different ramps, 7 different heights

Our quality checker on a large ramp

Well made ramp & fantastic customer service. I will definately buy another if we have the need for a second ramp.

Sarah Jane

These ramps are made so well, the quality is fantastic. I paid the extra for the strengthening because I have two French bulldogs + a 2yr old human whom I knew would climb all over it like a mountain goat. Thanks so much, love the fact I'm preventing potential injuries for my furbabes.


Our dachshund recently lost his eye sight, so we ordered a custom made ramp, which included side rails (for his safety), for our back patio door. Rambo no longer has to navigate the step and loves going up and down the ramp. Order was made very quickly. Thank you so much!


The ramp arrived with very fast shipping and was packaged beautifully. It feels very sturdy and well made.

I’ve purchased some treats as well as pepper loved the little sample so much!


We love our new large sized Dashie Dog Ramp! Our baby Bessie has picked up how to use it very quickly and we are so pleased. We thought we would use the one between the lounge and the bed but we’re thinking we might get a second one for the bedroom as they’re the most affordable ramps we’ve found online. Love it and would highly recommend 👍👍👍



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