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Dashie Dog Ramps

Highset Dashie Dog Ramp

Highset Dashie Dog Ramp

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Our Highset ramp is designed for the couch or for the bed (please check the heights of the large v the Highset ramp to see which size ramp would be better suited to your needs). Our Highset ramp is longer than others offered on the market as we have designed the ramp with smaller dogs in mind that require less of an incline to prevent injuries to their back. There is also the option to strengthen these ramps so that they can be used by larger dogs (if you require this please contact us directly to discuss).

The length of the ramp is 1.1m long the Standard width is 32cm, However we offer a Wide version which is 44cm. All can be fitted with rails.

The ramp has 4 heights: 50cm, 55cm, 60cm and 65cm.

All our ramps can lay flat for easy storage. All our ramps are made with high grade marine carpet to prevent slippage and give your dog the best grip when going up and down the ramp.

Note. All rails are removable to aid with storage

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